Case Studies

Project Testimonials

Company: Heat Seekers Infrared Inspection Services
Industry: Infrared Inspection Services (factories, mines, casinos, etc.)

Problem: This client is in the high-tech field of infrared thermographic inspection services. Thermal images, visual photos and a seemingly endless stream of important data all have to be complied and analyzed by their office for frequent customer reports. They found that their reporting and data management needs were not being met by standard off-the-shelf software. Data management and report generation were reducing their billable time and adding to their office costs.

Solution: Virtually Live assessed the needs of the client and created a program that would allow inspectors to enter data into a mobile device in the field that automatically sends the data to a laptop after the field inspection.  This drastically reduced the time required for the inspectors to complete the report. The report is then sent electronically to head office for processing and then send out electronically to their client using the software.  No more duplication of effort is required between data collection and report writing.

As an added benefit, they can now leave a preliminary report out in the field. For many clients they choose to have their data analysis displayed on a website where they have charts, reports, and other tools to answer business intelligence questions for all of the client’s locations, so they can find their biggest risk and what it takes to resolve it.

Result: This custom software solution has reduced duplication of work, and they now have a searchable database of every inspection done.  Every time an inspector went back to a previous location they had to retype up the list of equipment inspected; now they only have to edit the equipment list for items that have changed since last inspection. Their client can now look at summary or detail information of all locations and all inspections in one convenient online database so they can better manage their equipment risk.

Testimony: Our reporting problems are gone.  Virtually Live Software took the time to understand my business and build a solution that worked effectively.

Company: Log Cabin RV & Marine
Industry: Trailer Sales and Service

Problem: Customers called this client regularly looking for a single hitch or part that they need from more than a half a million available. It would take 15 minutes or more for staff to look up the item and then call the customer back with a cost estimate. They needed a system to speed up the identification and information retrieval process.

Solution: Virtually Live developed an integrated quoting, invoicing, purchase order, and inventory system to meet their particular needs. To speed up hitch quoting, a hitch-to-vehicle lookup program was created, which reduced lookup time to 30 seconds or less.  This allowed the client to turn more inquiries into purchase orders as a result of rapid client service.

Result: When someone calls for a quote on a trailer part, the quoting process went from 15 minutes to 2 minutes so Log Cabin could give the quote on the spot without having to call the customer back. The quoting on what hitch fits what vehicle went from 5 minutes to 30 seconds. Log Cabin now has customer history of what each customer has purchased in the past.

Testimony: The entire quote process can now be handled with one call  in two minutes or less. Despite the fact that custom software needed to be created, to solve the problem, the return on investment for the new system was in months, not years.

Company: Glenlake Orchards Ltd.
Industry: Vineyard and Fruit Farm

Problem: This client needed an easy way to assess costs on each particular block (section of land) of the farm, so they could determine the profitability of each block.  Also, they wanted to see history records and trends for soil testing by block over time to evaluate the condition and productivity of each block.  The data collection and analysis process was very inefficient and not properly tracked over time.

Solution: Virtually Live Software designed an easy-to-use software system that records all labour and machinery costs, as well as the costs of chemicals by particular block and grape variety. The system provides Cost of Production and Profit & Loss reports by “Farm” or “Block” and produces detailed and summary cost accounting reports. It tracks their leaf and soil analysis reports on an individual block basis and highlights blocks whose values are out of range.

Result: This custom software implementation has greatly improved the efficiency and accuracy of data collection and analysis on the farm allowing the farmer to make better business decisions, most importantly knowing the profitability.

Testimony: Virtually Live Software developed a custom software solution that allows us to intuitively track and manage our vineyard operations that has resulted in major efficiencies, so that I can spend more time on effectively managing the business and developing opportunities rather than manually monitoring the vineyard.

They took the time to meet and understand our problems, learn our protocols, and then designed a system that met our needs. I have tried 3 off-the-shelf programs and none met our requirements. They were either cumbersome to work with or did not supply me with the information I needed.