Vineyard Management Software – Case Study

Company: Glenlake Orchards Ltd.

Industry: Vineyard and Fruit Farm

Problem: This client needed an easy way to assess costs on each particular block (section of land) of the farm, so they could determine the profitability of each block. Also, they wanted to see history records and trends for soil testing by block over time to evaluate the condition and productivity of each block. The data collection and analysis process was very inefficient and not properly tracked over time.

Solution: Virtually Live Software designed an easy-to-use software system that records all labour and machinery costs, as well as the costs of chemicals by particular block and grape variety. The system provides Cost of Production and Profit & Loss reports by “Farm” or “Block” and produces detailed and summary cost accounting reports. It tracks their leaf and soil analysis reports on an individual block basis and highlights blocks whose values are out of range.

Result: This custom software implementation has greatly improved the efficiency and accuracy of data collection and analysis on the farm allowing the farmer to make better business decisions, most importantly knowing the profitability.

Testimony: Virtually Live Software developed a custom software solution that allows us to intuitively track and manage our vineyard operations that has resulted in major efficiencies, so that I can spend more time on effectively managing the business and developing opportunities rather than manually monitoring the vineyard.
They took the time to meet and understand our problems, learn our protocols, and then designed a system that met our needs. I have tried 3 off-the-shelf programs and none met our requirements. They were either cumbersome to work with or did not supply me with the information I needed.

Reference: Kevin Buis (905-651-3003)

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