Sell Locally Around the World: the Global Market is Your Local Market

Technology removes boundaries and creates a level playing field

At one time buying local meant looking at the label to see where it was manufactured. You went into the store up the street and you supported your local economy. However things have changed. Parts can be manufactured all over the world then assembled locally. We live in a global world where your neighbor might be China.

With technology, websites, and 1-800 numbers, the lines get blurry as to who is local and who is not. Buy local: do we mean made in Niagara or made in Canada? It is getting harder and harder to know if you are truly buying local. If you go to the local variety store and buy an item made in Taiwan, is that local?

You can use technology and the internet to sell your products globally and treat the whole world as your local market. It is easy enough to set up offices around the world, yet answer the phone locally. You can have warehouses worldwide that you never step foot in. Sitting in your Niagara office you can manage global orders and ship from a warehouse that is in the customers’ local market.With technology it is easy to have one system for your whole business that is administered locally but you have satellite offices all over the world that are linked in real time.

Websites shopping carts tied into order and shipping systems can process orders 24/7 even though you only run one day shift Monday thru Friday. It now appears you are working in the same time since your system replies to your customer’s inquiry and processes their order all through automation.

Shipping companies can ship overnight (or in a day or two) across the world in the same amount of time your order can come from up the street.   It is important that your system handles local and global customers seamlessly. Customers like buying locally and with your new business structure you are local all over the world.

So if you can appeal to your local customers and global customers you can greatly increase your sales. When one market is down, you have another market that is hot: You are local to all these markets. When they say buy local, global customers are buying from you!

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