Sales & Service Software – Case Study

Company: Log Cabin RV & Marine

Industry: Trailer Sales and Service

Problem: Customers called this client regularly looking for a single hitch or part that they need from more than a half a million available. It would take 15 minutes or more for staff to look up the item and then call the customer back with a cost estimate. They needed a system to speed up the identification and information retrieval process.

Solution: Virtually Live developed an integrated quoting, invoicing, purchase order, and inventory system to meet their particular needs. To speed up hitch quoting, a hitch-to-vehicle lookup program was created, which reduced lookup time to 30 seconds or less.  This allowed the client to turn more inquiries into purchase orders as a result of rapid client service.

Result: When someone calls for a quote on a trailer part, the quoting process went from 15 minutes to 2 minutes so Log Cabin could give the quote on the spot without having to call the customer back. The quoting on what hitch fits what vehicle went from 5 minutes to 30 seconds. Log Cabin now has customer history of what each customer has purchased in the past.

Testimony: The entire quote process can now be handled with one call  in two minutes or less. Despite the fact that custom software needed to be created, to solve the problem, the return on investment for the new system was in months, not years.

Reference: Len Legros (905-688-5562)

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