Are you too old to play with Lego?

I am guessing that as a child, most of us have played with Lego. You can build all kinds of interesting structures. You can even enter Lego building competitions. As an individual or group, you build structures out of blocks based on your creativity and the functionality you are looking to accomplish. What was once a pile of blocks becomes a functional structure. Individually, the blocks are useful, but when the blocks are assembled together they become even more valuable.

You are thinking “Ok Keith, but I’m too old to play with Lego”. Not really, you now have a new opportunity to play with business building blocks. Let’s look at three common business building blocks, Online Shopping Cart; CRM; and Invoicing. You could individually enter a customer into each one of these blocks, however if the blocks were assembled together, entering a customer in one block, makes it automatically available for the other two blocks to use. Make sense? Sure it does. It is creative and functional. Adults like building blocks too!

Some examples of business building blocks are:

CRM Block– Your company’s sales rep is away on vacation and you need to answer questions about that rep’s accounts. When the sales rep is on the road, they needed to be able to access their prospect’s information.

Product Kiosk Block – Your company has a show room and you need to be able to communicate product information, be able to cross sell, up sell, show videos, etc. so your prospects can find the products they need and then you can make the sale.

On-line Ordering Block – Your sales costs are out of control and you want to give your prospects 24/7 product search capability.

Remote Access Block – You’re a service company who has technicians working out in the field and you want to know the status of their work. The technicians need to know what parts/service/location to go to and get the job done.

Scheduling Block – Scheduling is a nightmare, who’s on first, what’s his name is on second…you know.

Inventory Block – Your company has too much money tied up in inventory because you can’t manage inventory levels. You are paying interest on stock that is just sitting on your shelves.

CRM Block – Your company has a good size sale force, and you need to be able to divide your sales force into hunters and farmers. You need to micro manage your farmers, and you need sales targets to be able to monitor the hunter’s activities to see where they are spending their time. Your prospects are staying too long in the sales cycle, and you need tools to move prospects from one stage to the next, and then close the deal.

Remote Access Block – Your business has information in multiple locations; and you needed a one stop shop to quickly and easily find information.

Supply Chain Block – You’re a supplier who wants a tight relationship with your vendors, and you need to know what your vendor’s inventory levels are, track past buys, rebates, and control back door deviations from your manufacturers.


Business Intelligence Block – Your company needs to know what is going on in your business in real time so that events, transactions, etc. can be monitored and then acted on. You need to be able to make critical decisions and know in real time how things are going.

Workflow Block – Normally you go from employee to employee letting them know what to do next and find out the status of their current work. Most of the time when one employee finished a task, it is then passed on to another employee to continue the process. You spend a lot of time just running around coordinating. You want a system where you can enter, manage, and monitor the entire work process. Know who’s doing what, that they are on schedule, and where your attention is needed.

Operations Block – Your business needs to be able to quote, invoice and process your customer’s order.

E-mail Marketing Block – You want to send, track, and manage your email marketing campaigns.

Still think you are too old to play with blocks? What business building blocks are you going to assemble together to create your business? Contact us today and start building your business one block at a time; then enter it into the biggest competition ever…Competitive Business.

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